Stash House is curating the best sips,

eats, and sweets Florida has to offer.

Stash House is a plant-based restaurant with a global focus on local food.

With plenty of takeaway options, creatively plated dishes, and adult drinks,

we aim to be the go-to stop in Northwood Village for dinner, and happy hours that turn into late nights.

Chef Jorge’s main focus for Stash House’s eats is to provide guests with an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to eating flavorful, high-quality dishes. Jorge works with local farms hand-picking produce, creating a true farm to table experience. 

Who is Chef Jorge?

Chef Jorge Goicochea’s love for food began at a very early age. Spending most of his free time with his grandmother, in the kitchen, or sneaking in trips to get ice cream, Jorge has always been fascinated with flavors and the art of taking the most simple ingredients to create delicious meals. He attributes his love for cooking, to his grandmother, and aims to make her proud in every dish he creates.

In high school, Jorge balanced school and working at a restaurant, constantly surprising his boss with his eagerness to learn everything and anything about food. Jorge’s passion and work ethic, was a catalyst for his career which earned him positions as Saucier and Executive Chef at top Miami restaurants, all while working for and being mentored by some of the most respected chefs in the world.

In addition to working at restaurants, Jorge has successfully run two catering companies. While pleased with his experiences in the culinary industry, Jorge has always dreamed of opening his own restaurant. This opportunity will allow him to create and implement his own menu, facilitate a true farm to table experience, and curate the best of Florida, to be featured alongside his dishes on the menu.

Now offering FREE (with minimum order) delivery Saturday nights.

Delivery range is currently Boca to West Palm Beach.

Order via our online ordering system or instagram page.